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August 11, 2017

Ashley Kies, psychologist, celebrates 1 year at C&FD 


Happy C&FD Anniversary to Ashley Kies

Ashley Kies PhD LPA NCSP is a psychologist at the Midtown office. She is celebrating 1 year at Child and Family Development this month.   

She shares:  

“‚ÄúI‚Äôve thoroughly enjoyed my first year at C&FD.  I appreciate being able to serve a wide span of ages through evaluations and in both individual and group therapy.  My current client caseload ranging from ages 3-23 always promises a fun, rewarding day full of smiling faces and laughter.  Lately I‚Äôve enjoyed being asked about my growing belly (I‚Äôm expecting).  There is currently a tie for my favorite thing about work: 1) seeing a child and their parents‚Äô shared sense of pride after successfully meeting therapy goals and 2) watching participants get to know each other and develop friendships over the course of a Social Skills program.‚Äù

Congratulations Ashley!