Physical Therapy

    Gail Fennimore, PT, PCS

    I am a North Carolina licensed physical therapist.

    I have obviously been a practicing therapist for a very long time!  Children and young people have always been my passion.  My greatest joy as a therapist is to highlight and develop the possibility in each and every child, having as much fun as possible.  I feel that a well filled bag of therapy “tools” is important to finding the just right approach for each child and their unique needs. 

    To this end, I have completed and attend a wide variety of continuing education offerings and love to work closely with a child’s entire therapy team and family.  I have a particular focus in Neurodevelopmental Therapy (NDT) having attended both the 8 week Pediatric course and the 3 week Baby course, and am a Pediatric Certified Specialist. 

    I have a wide variety of training and experience in torticollis, sensory processing dysfunction, complex neurological conditions and developmental issues of all descriptions. Currently, I have a special interest in infants, young children and pelvic floor dysfunction in children of all ages.