Thanks for your interest in our Off-Site Services


We have two convenient locations and most families visit our offices for all scheduled appointments. At times, we are able to provide some of our services away from the offices at off-site locations.  

Off-site services are available on an individual self-pay basis.

Appointments are scheduled, based on staff availability.

Click here if you are interested in scheduling therapy services to be provided at a preschool, school or other location.

The responsible party must sign an Off-Site Services Agreement prior to any off-site appointments.  

Off-site sessions are typically 40 minutes, but may vary depending on need, accomodations and classroom requirements.  Fees for off-site sessions are: 

EDUCATIONAL THERAPY AND TUTORING:  $65.00/ 40-minute session

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: $85.00/ 40-minute session

PHYSICAL THERAPY: $85.00/ 40-minute session

SPEECH-LANGUAGE THERAPY: $85.00/ 40-minute session