Ann Guild, speech therapist and swallowing expert, celebrates 28 years at C&FD

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 by Child & Family Development


Happy C&FD Anniversary to Ann Guild 

Ann Guild MA CCC-SLP C/NDT is our most tenured and more experienced speech therapist.  She is celebrating 28 years at Child and Family Development this month.   

Ann holds a Neurodevelopmental Treatment™ (NDT) certification and a Vital Stim™ certification.  

Ann loves to teach- colleagues, parents, caregivers and kids! She has shared her expertise in how the human body functions- breathing, speech, eating, feeding, swallowing, child development & more- with countless people over the years.  We are very proud to have her on the C&FD team.

Come learn with her at the June 8 Tummy Time free seminar!  Learn more here.


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