Physical Therapy

    Amy Sturkey, LPT

    I am a North Carolina licensed physical therapist.

    I love helping kids succeed.  I believe structure, routine, fun and the appropriate level of challenge make a great treatment session. I strongly prefer parental involvement and love it when siblings come to sessions. I feel that when the therapist and the family work together as a team, then the child wins.   I excel with children with behavioral challenges.  I like all types of kids but some people say my favorites are the most challenging.   That's when I learn the most. I believe my Relationship Development InterventionĀ® (RDI) training gives me a particular advantage with children who are on the autism spectrum.  I like to stay current with treatment techniques and believe in giving back to the community.

    I am developing mobile applications for pediatric physical therapy and have weekly informative emails to help train physical therapists around the world.  Check it out in iTunes store: